I was an extremely shy 10 year old in Mexico on vacation with my family. Other kids would stare at  my brother and I. Or so we felt this way. I asked my Ma, "Why do they stare so much?" She said, they are just curious. I still wanted them to stop staring, but I began to adopt the idea that there wasn't anything actually wrong with me. The kids just simply wanted to explore who we were. So, there was no battle to be won. Children are so wise, unencumbered by uptight adult bull, they simply see and engage. Why can't the rest of us do this? Just be curious? Instead, we have to use big murderous toys like nuclear bombs to show just how large we can be? And yet, it makes us all so very small, practically non-existent. Human Nature, boggling. No more Big Daddy running the show though. That we can obviously see that it is nearing its end.

 The boy's club says; "This property is condemned."  

The beginning of the end...of tyranny begins, now. Dominance is energy wasted in a world where everyone is equal, including all living things, animal, plant etc...AIR and Water TOO! 



In the future, race, age, gender will be of no matter. We will come together as one. As a whole obeying Mother Earth's wishes. We will kneel before her and ask to be forgiven for all our insolence. We forget we are the Earth. We came from the Earth, we are of this matter. When that matter, as it has already,  becomes too toxic for our own well-worn lungs to decipher, we will simply vanish. The boys club will be the first to panic because they do not toil as we do. Not as the people do, day to day, with mundanity rummaging at our feet as we try to step foot a little lighter up the stair of sublime inspiration. They will fall first. We will let them.

When did we go wrong?  When we stopped roaming the land taking only what we needed. We began to keep still, eat wheat, get rotten teeth and arthritis.

We should of kept roaming, exploring, and discovering while leaving no trace behind. The American Indians tried to show us, how.

Democratic or Republican won't matter at all! It will become by universal law a global effort to care for our Earth and ourselves and each other.



Thank you, LA