INTRO to my new blog ~

What is FTV-ITW?  'From the Void and into the Whole?'  

                                            The VOID is where everything is waiting to be something. As co-creators there is unconditional support from the universe when it is for the whole. Into the Whole is that something being for all of us, as one living being regenerating harmony, love, joy, and miracles. Miracles are creative masterpieces taken from ordinary moments. Like the bees, they don't think about making honey, they just do it.

I'm here as a universalist. I take universal ideas and values and place them in an ordered framework which aspire to inspire humanistic cooperation. 


                           THE "I" VERSES THE ETERNAL "WE"

Everything depends on the other. From cell to cell, from atom to universal fusion, Art begins when we meet, a cross pollination. We have been looking away from each other for some time now and it has created a permanent kink in our linking radius. I know we can ENCOUNTER ourselves anew, especially when ART becomes central to civilized life again. For now it is consumption and our natural resources are our materials for creativity.

“To love the art of life, know the art of self.”

— LA

  • Our environment is our economy
  • Our economy is our culture
  • Our culture is our life
  • Our life is our people

My team and I are here to forge a unity with universal values and  genuine meeting. Inspiration expands from COOPERATION, this way we can celebrate more than we mourn...the sooner the better!

First things is we need to WAKE-UP!