MONTEREY, CA

Rewriting the social script is something that takes the world to accomplish.

So I thought I'd better get started and spark some ideas.

A character has emerged called GHR which stands for Greeter of the Human Race. GHR's experiences are found here in Foolish Times monthly paper.

I have been writing for the Foolish Times since October 2012.  

Have a Laugh or two...





My first published story in a BOOK!  

My story: "LILITH LIES"

Your horoscopes are amazing!  ~Kortney    

"I think your column is intriguing, unique and whimsically funny!

~Suzie-Q, Editor FoolishTimes


I LOVED YOUR STORY.............your writing is so wonderfully VISUAL.......perfect for what I love in writing........all the quirky characters leaped off the page and into my psyche and all the potential hidden meanings throughout the piece.  You are an amazing writer and I hope you have many more of these opportunities to share your talent with the world and ME.

Dr. Laurie Goodman, Ph.D., CEO of ClearLight Biotechnologies.