A few of my favorite performances...


*Latest Review March 2016

  Anna in the Tropics
But special note must be given to Laura Sottile, who gives an absolutely marvelous performance as Ofelia. There is never a moment when you see her working at her craft: physically and vocally she is as balanced and slow-burning as a Montecristo No. 2. and when passion is required, she deals it out such that no one can refuse her!

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*Mick La Salle: "Laura Sottile is the soul of the play."


Award Winning Short & Best Actress Laura Sottile    

ScaryCow Productions 2014



Loving oneself through all the muck of typical tribal/societal norms of what is or isn't beautiful. When we know all stages are beautiful in their own unique way. Like any road endures the ravages of time and storm to emerge a different light or curve.




WHEN MASS MEDIA IS A NOOSANCE!                               

Comedy Video Short about how the Media influences women and it's negative results. Written, Performed, directed, and produced By Laura Sottile


Tony n' Tina 92

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding REVIEW

Off-Broadway, NYC & SF    Artificial Intelligence Productions
“A send up of an Italian American wedding is a natural for Laura Sottile” “The Role has brought Laura Sottile great recognition and wider exposure.”• Paul Liberatore, Marin Independent Journal

My Favorite Review:  THE RITZ

Fast, Funny, and Focused, Laura Sottile would upstage everyone if she weren't such a team player. As the Cabaret Singer at the Bathhouse ala Bette Midler is sin-sational! She's one fo the most entertaining actors I've seen this year. Her performance is genius!   *SF CHRONICLE

The Pepita Cunningham Show

Meet Pepita Cunningham

Created by Laura Sottile In New York City 1994
Laura Sottile is once again possessed by the outlandish character of Pepita Cunningham.
• Venue 9 in San Francisco


VIDEO REEL 1990 to Present

A few early shows I really liked that I’m able to share.


“Laura Sottile from Mill Valley who plays Anita completely captures the passion, tension, and frustration of love and life in America.”
• Dance Palace, Point Reyes Press

……Little did they know how easy it is to be passionate with a lot of tension and add a some frustration, if you’re Italian.


RADIO SHOW in SONOMA with "Pepita Cunningham"

                         "Is it a man's world after all?"