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the greatest compliment that was every paid to me was when one asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer
— Henry David Thoreau



Course Descriptions:

Fundamentals of Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting focuses on releasing and cultivating the actor’s inherent creativity. Through exercises, improvisation, scenes, and monologues, the actor begins to develop basic techniques designed to stimulate the imagination, develop vocal and physical ability, increase awareness of self and others, introduce effective ways to analyze texts, think critically about the craft of acting, and enhance self-confidence and communication skills. This work is the essential beginning of the actor’s studies, which will ultimately allow her or him to effectively engage and explore work from a rich diversity of genres, styles, and backgrounds.

Fundamentals of Acting II: Fundamentals of Acting II continues working with and expands upon basic concepts introduces "PRACTICAL AESTHETICS." Through exercises, improvisation, scenes, and monologues, the actor works toward the goal of increasing range, depth, and flexibility; students work on more complex texts, exploring characters removed from their everyday experience which require more in-depth research and stronger imagination to inhabit.

Intermediate Acting: Scene Study and Style: While continuing the work begun in "Practical Aesthetics" and  Scene Study and Style focuses on the actor’s relationship with multiple genres and forms of drama; increased focus is given to the specific demands and responsibilities of performing with heightened language and the complexities of characterization and style; emphasis is also given to achieving an understanding of dramatic action, developing technical proficiency and clarity, attaining emotional availability, and cultivating an enriched relationship with text. Through exercises, improvisation, scenes, and monologues, the actor learns how to transform intuitive creativity into performative excellence.

Advanced Acting Studio: Advanced Acting Studio finishes the acting technique progression that begins with "TRUST EXERCISES" through to scene-work, monologues, and exercises, the actor stretches and strengthens acting techniques, voice, movement, and speech; particular attention is given to character development and style; students also develop classical and contemporary audition material.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills: Students will learn to present themselves and material clearly, confidently, and persuasively, using age-old arts of oral communication. They will learn techniques for overcoming stage fright, developing clear enunciation, finding and using their natural, unaffected vocal register, varying tone and intonation to hold audience interest, controlling pacing, moving with assurance and purpose, using appropriate gestures, and eye contact as well as exploring methods to change behaviors that bar effective communication and structure speeches to maximize persuasiveness.


Certified Creativity Coach Credentials

Laura Sottile has been an award winning actress, comedienne, singer, composer & author most of her adult life and has delighted audiences in both theatre and film in San Francisco and New York City.

Her precise training from some of the best in the industry, and her unusually acute insight into human nature, has gifted her with the ability   to elicit an emotional response that is both empowering and transformative.

Her certified creative background and comprehensive style adds a deeper dimension to the actors experience and teaches the actor to self generate, further connecting the cord between actor and playwright


"I have an array of tools in my coaching tool box just for you.

The Monologue workout is vigorous and enlightening.

From Meisner to Method to Improvisation to Somatic exercises. 

Script Analysis and Script Editing for the Actor who writes. 

Iam here to support and encourage you whole heartedly," 


~ LA         "OKI NI KSO KO WA"  (Guide)






"Experience the Laser insights of an inventive HUMOROUS and innovative  creative Guide!"   Mike Martin, Teacher

“Laura’s Coaching Style puts the actor at ease and empowers them to encourage themselves to continually discover their own true beautiful selves.”                Linda Germaine, Ghost Writer, Actress

“Laura is an effective communicator to steer you passionately in an empowering direction.”             Terry Kolky,  Actor, Lawyer

“Coach LA, knew exactly what was missing from my work, paving the way for big surprises in my ability to invoke and execute! I wasn’t dreading the work. I had so much fun in the process!”       Gina Penuchi, Sales Analyst



"Make Peace with yourself or your piece will be about you acting your way out of a paper bag, Hyperventilating is not an ACT.

"Get your head out of your ASS...ignment so you can expand and enrich your view". 

"ART is meant to transform. If you you don't feel transformed, you were watching yourself."






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