Laura 'LA' Sottile
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Creating Art that develops into a domain of global responsibility

I’M A REBEL with cause to Believe We’ve become So imbedded in the EXPERIENCE of the dominant species that we FORGOT our true purpose.

I’ve been given some tools. I would like to use them in this way. To bring our focus back to what is truly important while having a lot of fun doing it. But first, I want to explain THE VALUE OF ART isprofound. It began on the cave walls. Where is the truth in popular culture? Does material value organize society? ART must stay human. ART is a reflection of cooperation, in the cave walls where cooperation was reflected upon in order to evolve is the evidence and it left no-one behind, which brings me to my present project called “TAMING OF THE SHREWD” Everything depends on the other,so do we want to be creative or dominant? From cell to cell, from atom to universal fusion, Art begins when we meet, a cross pollination. We have been looking away from each other for some time now and it has created a permanent kink in our linking radius. I know we can ENCOUNTER ourselves anew by dropping the dream riddled with egoistic growth, the high speed world of abstraction which creates environmental devastation, the ethical bankruptcy and cultural confusion which leaves us empty and lost. Instead allowing the agonizing imperative to create from our most honorable hearts a journey to develop a domain of Global Responsibility. Inspiration expands from COOPERATION, this way we can celebrate more than we mourn. We must now take our direction from nature and do like the bees, the fish and cooperate for the whole.

My team is here to forge a unity with universal values and keep genuine meeting as the initial spark to creative endeavors that serve the whole.